In My Kitchen - April 2016

These In My Kitchen posts really highlight to me how much time flies. It feels like only yesterday I was writing the March post. Now it’s April, and we’re a third of the way through the year!

Eggplant is still very much in season, and as one of my favourite vegetables, I always try and pick some up from the market. This time, I used it to make a potato and eggplant curry. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, as curries generally are not very photogenic, but it was delicious. The recipe was taken from Vegan Richa’s blog. She always has some great things to try out in the kitchen.

I’ve become a bit of a T2 addict. Whilst I still maintain that the products are quite pricey, I can’t deny that they taste amazing. I’m a big fan of their mixed packs, because it means you can taste a variety of teas without committing to any one flavour. I picked up a box of their Choc pack, which contains delicious teas like choc chip chai, and crème brulee. So delicious, and perfect on a winter night with a choc chip cookie!

I was also given a Bessemer crepe pan from the Margaret Fulton range. I’ve never made crepes, so I guess now would be a good time to try! I was also thinking that I could use the pan to make dosas, the Indian rice flour pancake, which I always struggle to make because they stick in the pan and I can’t flip them! The man has a convex surface, so that you dip the whole pan into the batter to coat the surface and cook it on top of the gas flame.

I’ve been babysitting my parents’ garden, which means I also get to benefit from everything that grows in it! My dad has a bit of a green thumb, and I can remember growing up, that our kitchen was always full of home grown veggies. I never really appreciated this as a kid, but now that I am older, I can realise how lucky I was, and how much of a difference fresh produce makes to the taste of a dish. The garden currently has a flourishing bottle gourd plant. Called bottle gourd in English, lau in Bengali or lauki in Hindi, this is a vegetable that is very popular in India and other Asian countries. A member of the gourd family (duh!), it has a texture similar to that of a marrow, but has a slightly sweeter taste. It can be used in curries, in dhal, or a variety of other dishes. I have been eating a lot of bottle gourd this past month, as well as giving plenty away to friends!

This post is part of the In My Kitchen series hosted by Maureen from the Orgasmic Chef. Head over to her blog to see what is going on in other people's kitchens!


  1. I love Vegan Richa, her cookbook is awesome. I have a bit of a T2 collection too, though in the past I wouldn't use it enough!

  2. Ah my mum used to have one of those crepe pans, they are great!

  3. It's lovely meeting you Moni. There's nothing better than a good tasty curry and you're right, curries are hard to photograph :) See you soon for #IMK x

  4. Eggplant and potato curry sounds great, I'll have to remember that when our eggplant plant starts producing. We have a crepe pan and love it.

  5. how fantastic to have fresh produce from your dad's garden. brings back the childhood memories of my granddad helping me to plant tomatoes in my own little garden bed when i was about 4! love the look of that crepe pan.