In My Kitchen - March 2016

I'm a little late with In My Kitchen this month. March has become being rather hectic, with a lot going on at home and work, and two broken down cars. Don't ask.

Nevertheless, it did start off on a great note with an unexpected delivery, of a prize from an online competition that I had entered! I had entered the competition well before Christmas, so it was a vague memory, infact I had to google what competition it was (!), but it turns out that I had won myself two beautiful Maxwell and Williams serving platters from their Diamonds range. I love white servingware, and these two platters are gorgeous! I actually used the rectangular one as part of a cheese platter last weekend, but unfortunately I didn't get any photos. Shame really, because it looked so pretty!

Also, as part of the dinner, I cooked lots of new things including a butter chicken and a creamy eggplant curry. The eggplant curry was cooked in a yogurt and besan flour sauce and was a huge success. For those of you who haven't heard of besan, it is a chickpea flour, and often used as a gluten free option. It is also regularly used in Indian cooking to create batters. The yogurt made the gravy a lovely consistency, and the besan helped thicken it as well as add an almost nutty flavour.

The chilli plants have been growing very well and the first chilli has finally fruited! It still needs to grow a little bit more before I will pick it, but I'm very excited!

There is also another little chilli that has just started to grow, as well as lots more flowers, so hopefully there will be some more crop.

I had to clean out my parents fridge at the start of this month and as a result acquired way too many apples. I'm not a big apple eater, and so instead I used the apples to make some delicious apple muffins! These muffins are a little bit left of centre, containing no egg, and wholemeal flour, but they are delicious nonetheless. I took my first batch to work and they disappeared super fast, and I ended up making a second batch to have at home!

This post is part of the In My Kitchen series hosted my Maureen from the Orgasmic Chef. Head over to her blog to see what is going on in other people's kitchens!


  1. Your photos of the emerging chili pods are cute! You have nice things going on in your kitchen.

    best... mae at

    1. Thanks! I love following the progress of things growing in the garden!

  2. Got to love a competition win! I won a KitchenAid prize pack once!

  3. oh yum that curry looks wonderful. i am jealous of your chilli plant. the possums keep eating mine, and i think the magpies dug out the entire plant from its pot!

  4. The eggplant yoghurt and besan curry looks and sounds delicious. What spices did you use?