New to the neighbourhood, it was imperative that we find a local breakfast haunt for the weekends. Unfortunately Mt Waverley doesn't really have a cafe culture, and it was unlikely that we would find anything within walking distance. Hyde and Seek was a cafe in Ashburton was about a five minute drive away, so we decided to try this.

Situated on a quiet suburban street, alongside a few other random shops, most of which were closed on a Sunday morning, we really weren't sure whether we had made the right choice with Hyde and Seek. We arrived at almost exactly 9am, and they were just opening, so we were greeted with smiles and got first pick of the seats.

The Ottoman’s banquet on the menu indicated that there was a subtle Middle Eastern influence on the dishes and so we set about choosing what we would have. For me, breakfast is always a savoury meal, which was lucky because other than the porridge, there were no other sweet options.

I decided on Moroccan Eggs, which was a baked eggs dish, cooked in a rich tomato and capsicum base, flavoured with parsley, and served with a side of hummus and some Turkish bread. The eggs were delicious. They were perfectly poached, with semi solid centres, which was want you want for baked eggs. Oozy yolks do not work with saucy bases, so Hyde and Seek had this part sorted. The sauce itself tasted amazing. Most places stick to a plain tomato base, but the addition of the capsicum added another level to the flavour and gave it that Middle Eastern feel that was present on the menu. I would have definitely appreciated some more bread to mop up the sauce, two small pieces just wasn't enough! And as for the hummus, whilst it tasted great, I'm not sure how it fitted with the rest of the dish. I ended up just eating it by itself at the end, purely because I love hummus!

The other half tossed up having the Ottoman’s Banquet, but then decided that it was too big and ended up choosing the Breakky Burrito. This was quite literally a burrito wrapper, filled with scrambled egg, grilled mushrooms, avocado and rocket, all liberally dressed with aioli. The highlight of this dish was definitely the aioli. Bursting with flavour, creamy, and just bloody delicious, it definitely brought all the elements in the burrito together. And don’t be deceived by the size of the burrito – you may think it looks small, but by the time you are finished you will be full!

Obviously we ordered coffees, our standard latte and flat white, both of which were great.

By the time we left at almost 10am, the cafe was packed, which was clearly a reflection on how highly regarded it is. Good thing we got there just as it opened! We’ll definitely be back to go through the rest of the menu, I have my eye on the Mediterranean Scrambled Eggs that they offer!

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