Life is a journey. Often you don't know where you are going or even the road you're travelling on but it seems to flow along quite nicely. It's these parts of the journey I like. They are fun, easy, and most importantly, they make me smile. I like the journey my life is on at the moment :-)

Two and a half months have flown. I have loved it and I have hated it. I would do it again in a heartbeat yet there are parts I wouldn't do again even if you paid me. I have grown and I became a child. I was strong, and I fell apart. I have laughed uncontrollably and I have cried unconsolably. I was independent yet I was clingy. But most of all, I am better for the experience. I had the chance to do things I would never thought I would be doing, to a be a person I never thought I would be, and put myself in situations I never thought I would be in.
Would I do it again? Would I do it for longer? This is a decision I am currently trying to make. So far, the answer seems to be yes. But I am still not sure. There are so many factors, that point in so many directions. They all need to be evaluated. So maybe ask me next year. I may have a more definitive answer. But for the moment, the answer is yes. Just be aware that im my current state, I change my mind every five minutes…
German hip hop. This shit is gold. I've spent all day listening to it on repeat, in between episodes of Suits.
So wrong. I come to Malaysia, only to be inducted into German reggae. These guys are frigging gold. I'm told Berliners are crazy. I love it.
Working for a German company, and having an affinity for the German language, this is one video I will never tire of!
So one of my closest friends sent me a link to this song, saying he thought this song was a 'Moni song'... he clearly knows me too well... LOL..
I was looking through the music collection in the apartment I'm staying at, and they have the Tevin Campbell album, 'I'm Ready'!! Talk about old skool! Oh the memories... love this song...
Today I had planned to go to a vego restaurant near work and have curry laksa for lunch. My colleagues had other ideas though. They took me to this dodgy alley where lots of makeshift food stalls were set up. A lady made me the most amazing Mee goreng ever and it only cost me a dollar! Wherever in the world you go, nothing beats street food!
I had every intention of having mock meat for dinner tonight, but walking past Saravanaa Bhavan is such hard work. This paneer dosa had my name on it. #firstworldproblems
Life isn't bad if this is what I get for lunch...
This is four months of my life. Till we meet again Melbourne. I will miss you, but I know adventure, challenge and excitement await me. Bring it on.
I really wish mine was here now...
Sometimes I can be a drama queen. This may be one of those times. But I don't care. In one week. I will be temporarily relocating to Malaysia for 3 months, and it's scary. It's scary, exciting and calming and unnerving all in one. I am grateful for the opportunity, but I hope I can do it justice. I will miss my friends and family so much, but I know that I will still be in contact with them regularly, most likely daily. Nothing will change, but so much will change.

I came home to the news that Rajesh Khanna had just passed away - a true legend of Bollywood. I recall the days when movies pairing him and Amitabh Bachchan were on regular rotation on our VCR. And this song was, and still is, one of my favourites. Anyone who knows me well enough will have skipped down many random streets singing, 'chal chal chal mere saathi, oh mere haathi'... RIP Mr. Khanna, your contribution will forever be etched in cinematic history.
Over dinner tonight, a friend mentioned a documentary that had recently been screened. It was about an ordinary guy in America, of Indian descent, who was sceptical of religion and gurus. To try and understand the concepts, he took on a persona as a stereotypical Indian guru, and went about trying to see what this persona could do to and for other people. His adventures as a fake guru, led him to learn some very real lessons about himself. This really was a fascinating documentary, and I think the core of it, really is very true. If you can get your hands on it, watch it, it certainly makes you think...
My deepest fear is being alone...

I saw this on Saturday night and I'm hooked on this song! Funny movie!! I normally don't like funny movies, but Ajay Devgan had me hysterical! "Boy under armpit and hypercity noise pollution"!!!!
Loving this song at the moment... so cool...
Ever since I was little I had heard stories from my mum about how my grandfather worked with Professor Bose. This was especially exciting for me when we studied the Bose-Einstein theory. Now with the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle, this photograph has become even more special, Professor Bose with my grandfather.
You gotta go what you need to if you want a good shot. Plus the kids think ur hillarious!
When I was in Malaysia last time I brought back a massive Proton banner as a joke. What better place to hang it than on Sam's desk?!
Today I got home to find a present in the mail, my rapid strap and a joey! Perfect!
2. Busy. Bloody to do lists.

I have turned into a massive Sons Of Anarchy addict. An awesome show, if you don't watch it, you should. And the best bit? Jax Teller. The hot bad boy, with a heart... He certainly makes for great eye candy...
I've decided I'm gonna do this photo a day thing this month. Let's hope I can keep it going throughout the month! Today's topic, self portrait.
The clouds in the sky made for a gorgeous sunset to drive home through tonight.
Expectations are a dangerous thing. Once you have them, you set yourself up for potential disappointment. Surprises on the other hand are good. Expect the unexpected and be pleasantly surprised.

This was playing on Love Songs and Dedications as I drove home. Richard Mercer never fails me on a Thursday night.
I have 40 more minutes left... I should make the most of it...