The Expatriate

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Two and a half months have flown. I have loved it and I have hated it. I would do it again in a heartbeat yet there are parts I wouldn't do again even if you paid me. I have grown and I became a child. I was strong, and I fell apart. I have laughed uncontrollably and I have cried unconsolably. I was independent yet I was clingy. But most of all, I am better for the experience. I had the chance to do things I would never thought I would be doing, to a be a person I never thought I would be, and put myself in situations I never thought I would be in.
Would I do it again? Would I do it for longer? This is a decision I am currently trying to make. So far, the answer seems to be yes. But I am still not sure. There are so many factors, that point in so many directions. They all need to be evaluated. So maybe ask me next year. I may have a more definitive answer. But for the moment, the answer is yes. Just be aware that im my current state, I change my mind every five minutes…


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