Taking Stock - January 2016

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This year I want to try and do a recap of each month. This set of Taking Stock questions were originally published on Meet Me At Mike’s by Pip, and then I stumbled upon them at I Spy Plum Pie by Liz. They seem like a great way to get a snapshot of what’s going on in my world. Hopefully you enjoy reading them as much as I have compiling them!

Making: Watermelon and feta salad. It’s been so hot recently and this is a really refreshing salad that takes advantage of the sweet watermelon that is in season and the limes that my tree is fruiting. It was also a great salad to take to the Australia Day festivities.

Cooking: Pita bread muffin cups with potato and herbed onion. I made them early in the month and they were a big hit. I paired them with some chilli jam which worked a treat. I might blog them soon so you can all partake in the deliciousness.

Drinking: Water. It’s usually water, and my water bottle is usually within arm’s reach.

Reading:  My Darling Lemon Thyme cookbook. This was a Christmas present, and I am really loving it.

Wanting: A new mobile phone. I dropped mine the other day and shattered the back of it. At the moment it’s being held together by some creatively applied duct tape, but I think it’s time to bite the bullet and upgrade from my iPhone 4S.

Looking: At the herbs that are growing. The luxury of having fresh herbs at my disposal that I can just pop out and pick while I am cooking is something I will never tire of.

Playing: Candy Crush. I’m always playing Candy Crush.

Deciding: What clothes to buy from The Iconic. I only recently discovered this website, and I am hooked. I have limited myself to only one order a month, otherwise I’d be buying things every second day!

Wishing: That I could have more holidays. You can never have enough holidays.

Enjoying: The plethora of sport on at the moment. Between the Indian cricket tour, the Australian Open tennis and the Big Bash League, there is so much sport on offer in Melbourne, and I am loving it!

Waiting: For lunchtime. I’m always hungry.

Liking:  My new black flats. Bought from The Iconic of course.

Wondering: What the new season of MKR is going to be like. I love this show. I love the cooking and I love the bitchiness. Can’t wait for it to start!

Loving: Welcome To Thornbury. This place is seriously awesome.

Pondering: The future. Doesn’t everyone?

Considering: Buying some Who Gives A Crap toilet paper. As part of shopping small, I need to find somewhere to buy toilet paper, and this is an initiative I have been wanting to support for a while. It’s time to do it I think.

Buying: Vegies at the market. It’s all part of shopping small for February.

Watching: Star Wars. I popped my Star Wars cherry and have now watched all 7 episodes. Strangely I actually enjoyed the newer movies more than the originals, with the exception of Episode 1. Jar Jar Binks needs to be buried in a very deep hole.

Hoping: That the presentation I have to give to senior management at work this week goes well. I’m a little bit petrified. I don’t want to be ripped to shreds.

Marvelling: At ultra marathon runners. How the bloody hell can someone run for 230kms?!

Cringing: At the Donald Trump Freedom Rally. ‘Nuff said. 

Needing: A new mobile phone. I dropped mine the other day and shattered the back of it. At the moment it’s being held together by some creatively applied duct tape, but I think it’s time to bite the bullet and upgrade from my iPhone 4S.

Questioning: Steven Avery. Like much of the world population I am hooked on Making A Murderer, but I’m not sure whether he is guilty or not. I think I am more inclined to believe he is guilty, especially with all the evidence that has popped up online since the show was released, but I’m not 100% sure.

Smelling:  All my delicious Lush products, some of which I bought, and some I received as a gift. I’m trying to shift all my toiletries and household items to be cruelty free, so Lush has become one of my regular shops.

Wearing: My new playsuit from The Iconic. Like much of my wardrobe it’s a super bright colour, orange, and I love it!

Following: I Spy Plum Pie. I met Liz at a blogger event I was hosting for work, and since then have been following her blog. As she describes it, it is one part vegetarian cuisine, and two parts sustainability. I describe it as awesome reading.

Noticing: The grey clouds outside. A storm is brewing…

Knowing: That I know nothing. Like Socrates said, ‘True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.’

Thinking: About how the hell I am going to following through on my resolution of running a marathon this year. Sometimes I really do come up with some stupid ideas.

Admiring: The people behind Tamil Feasts. We are going to this on Monday, and I have done a bit of reading on the people behind the scenes. What they have been through is almost incomprehensible to me, and I really tip my hat to them and their ability to not only keep going, but to do it in a positive manner. #RealAustraliansSayWelcome

Sorting:  Through my clothes. I have so much stuff that needs to be put in charity bins because I don’t wear it any more.

Getting: Annoyed. People annoy me.

Bookmarking: Pink Moscato and Nutella cupcakes. I have bookmarked these when this recipe was first posted, but I still haven’t made them. I really should make some time to bake!

Coveting: A new bike… I have a restored one coming to me, for me to decide whether I will ride it enough, and whether I deserve a new one.

Disliking: The heat. I HATE SUMMER. Yes I’m weird, I know, but I’d much prefer winter over summer.

Opening: Bills. Why is it that every time I get mail, it’s a bill?

Giggling: At episodes of Big Bang Theory. Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj can always make me laugh.

Feeling: Lucky. Just generally lucky. I have friends that I love, family that are always there for me, and my health. It is more than many others, and I really should be grateful.

Snacking: On cherries. I love cherries, especially when they are sweet. I really should make a trip to a cherry farm this season.

Helping: My parents move house. They have just moved out of the house they lived in for 27 years and into a new house. This has been a lengthy and difficult process given that both of them are hoarders. Goddamn.

Hearing: Podcasts. I know I’m very late to the party, but I’m finally listening to Serial.

How has the first month of 2016 been for you? If you want to do a recap using these Taking Stock questions, please feel free to leave me a comment below, I would love to have a read!

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