About Me

As a child, I've been told I was the fussiest eater, in fact my mother was constantly worried that I looked malnourished. As a brown mother, this was a massive issue for her. Fast forward about 20 years, and suddenly you couldn't separate me from the food! I'm clearly making up for lost time!

Currently I'm an engineer by day, but after hours I become a wannabe chef and and a general appreciator of all things food.

This blog has been running on and off for a while, but this year, I decided to take it up as a new years' resolution, to update it regularly, and also use it as a tool to improve my photography skills.

If there's a favourite restaurant or ingredient that you'd like for me to review, then please contact me on monzica@hotmail.com. Otherwise I'm grateful for any feedback you might choose to give me, be it about the blog, the opinions, or perhaps any recommendations, so feel free to comment away!



  1. Hello! Lovely to meet you. Running a blog is pretty hard work plus a day job...yes, one needs all the great food in the world. Thanks for stopping by my space. See you around:-)

  2. Hi dear, I drop by your blog frequently though have never commented before. And is there a subscribe option to your blog; I couldnt find one and would love to receive updates everytime you post.