A real Easter

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Traditional holidays have always been something I dread. OK, maybe dread is a bit over dramatic, but I definitely I haven’t looked forward to them. As a brown family, with no extended family here, we never did anything special or traditional and I always felt left out. Instead I usually rang a random friend, who I anticipated might be in the same situation as me, and hoped that they would accept my invitation of a coffee date, or breakfast or something.
This year was different. I was part of a different family, and so my Easter was filled with family gatherings, with food, hot cross buns, fun, laughter, children and easter egg hunts. It really was special. It made me feel like I had a real Easter.
But just to keep the balance, when I got a text from a friend asking me if I was keen to do brunch on Monday morning, I took her up on the offer. Afterall, that was me last year and all the years previous to that.


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