Red Door Corner Store Cafe

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So one Sunday morning we decided to do the crazy thing and run 15km along with about another 35,000 people in Melbourne. It's called Run For The Kids :-) I'm proud to say that I ran the entire distance, albeit with a rubbish time, but I blame my short frame for that. Damn my parents for passing on their genes to me.
So as a reward we decided to head to Red Door Corner Store Cafe in Northcote. Urbanspoon rated it super highly and I wanted to try somewhere new in the northern suburbs so the decision was made.
15km makes you super hungry, so the settled on the grilled semolina, portobello mushrooms, lemon thyme, wilted spinach, tallegio, poached egg and parmesan curls. It hit the spot perfectly. Just what I needed :-) Oh and the coffee was good.

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