Gold Sweets & Chaat

I've been bogged down with a cold since the end of last week, and I finally decided my body had to stop and have a proper rest, so I decided to take a day off work. Unfortunately days off from work very rarely involve rest for me, instead they are filled with errands, and getting tasks done that cannot be completed on the weekends. One this day off, my mum also suggested that we go out for brunch, and she specifically requested that we go to Gold Sweets and Chaat in Glenhuntly. This place had been highly recommended by a friend of mine, and had long been on my list to check out. 

As per most Indian suburban restaurants, this place was a little shop front on Glenhuntly Rd, flanked by other Indian restaurants on either side. It clearly had some competition! But it was the 'chaat' in the shop's name that won me over. Chaat is Indian street food, and it is amazing! Think spicy, tangy flavours, engulfing the crunch of beaten rice, or the softness of boiled potatoes, all eaten on the busy streets of Kolkata, with Bollywood music blaring from radio speakers. I couldn't think of a better way to eat food!

A scan of the menu and I knew I was in for a treat. There were so many things to choose from, but I couldn't go passed the pav bhaji. Pav is a bread roll, that is toasted and smeared with butter, and bhaji is a potato and pea mixture that is slightly running in consistency, full of flavour from a special spice blend, and then unapologetically dripping with butter. The idea is that you put the bhaji in the pav and eat it like a sandwich, bit by bit.

The Gold version of pav bhaji was delicious. I imagine everything else on the menu is too!

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