Monk Bodhi Dharma

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I had been to Monk Bodhi Dharma a few years back, when it had first opened. I remembered it to be a tiny, cramped space, but with amazing food, so much so that people were willing to wait for a table and be squished into a little corner.

Monk Bodhi Dharma is a vegetarian and very vegan friendly cafe, so when the other half's cousin, J,  embarked on a one month vegan diet, I suggested we go to Monk Bodhi Dharma for breakfast. With no eggs on the menu, and almost three quarters of the dishes vegan, or vegan adaptable, this seemed like a great idea, so off we went.

The Monk is located down an alley, off the main road, so make sure you check the website to understand exactly where it is. J didn't do this, so after a phone call and a walk down to the main road, we found him, and walked with him to the front. 9:30am on a Saturday was clearly peak breakfast time, but luckily we only had to wait a few minutes before there was a table available for us.

A quick glance at the menu and J was excited to find he had multiple muesli options and all of them vegan  or vegan adaptable. This was clearly a win! I couldnt go past the umami mushrooms, a variety of mushrooms cooked and served on homemade pumpkin, spinach and sundried tomato polenta bread, with goat's cheese, thyme and chilli oil. It was delicious!

Monk Bodhi Dharma also pride themselves on their coffee, and with good reason. Between a short black and a latte, we both agreed the coffee was a winner. (We also had a flat white drinker who wasn't that impressed, but we dismissed his opinion!)

With super friendly staff, delicious food, and great coffee, this place is definitely one to check out, regardless of whether you're meat inclined or not! And whilst leaving, we learnt that there will be a second branch open, Admiral Cheng Ho, in Abbotsford! Great for those north of the Yarra!

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