Taste of Taj

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Taste of Taj is our local Indian joint, and lucky for us it's always delicious! I guess it has to be, given that it's in a Clayton strip that's filled with other Indian places, but Taste of Taj is always the busiest. Last night, my mum randomly suggested that we should go out for dinner there, and who was I to disagree!

Usually when I go, I always have a thali meal which consists of rice, naan, 2 vegetarian curries (a dhal, and one curry of your choice), raita and pickles, all for a measly $10, but last night I decided to break tradition and have gobi paratha instead.

Gobi paratha is one of my favourites. The cauliflower is grated into the dough, and flat breads are rolled out and cooked in the tandoor oven to give it that smokey flavour. This was served with pickles, raita and butter. I never eat the butter, but I demolished the raita and pickles.

Taste of Taj is a trusty local option where the food never disappoints!

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