Bright Brewery

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Small country towns almost demand that you visit the local pub for a pub meal, and the Bright Brewery is no different. Located on the highway in Bright, Bright Brewery clearly prides itself on its local brews. With a menu that offers beer matching suggestions with each meal, kegs scattered throughout the venue, and dried hops used as decoration, there was never any doubt where the focus was. Despite this, I went against the grain and had cider! Poor form for an engineer, I know!

The menu was fairly basic, with a handful of entrées and mains, and then some pizzas. There was only one vegetarian main option, a vegetable frittatta with a garden salad so I chose it.

Vegetable frittatta with garden salad
This dish was definitely not what I expected a frittatta to be. It was more like a vegetable lasagne with layers of cooked egg rather than pasta, but nevertheless it tasted pretty good. The garden salad had all the traditional elements of a salad, and was lightly dressed, which was much appreciated. I am always wary of basic salads being overdressed with glugs of oil. Overall it was a good dish, nothing spectacular, but certainly passable.

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