Milawa Cheese Company

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I am a firm believer that cheese can make any meal taste better, so when lunch at the Milawa Cheese Company was proposed, there were no complaints from me!

Located in Milawa, en route to Bright, the cheese company has not only a small restaurant, but also sells cheese, jams, chutneys and various other condiments made with local produce. We decided to take advantage of this by doing some cheese tastings before our lunch orders arrived. Hot tip: the ash rolled chévre and the cheddar were definite winners for me!

Looking at the menu, there were only a few vegetarian options but I found one that caught my eye, so I was happy. I had a goat’s cheese galette which was a large puff pastry casing, filled with the Milawa goat’s cheese, char grilled eggplant, caramelised onion, char grilled capsicum, and sundried and fresh tomato, all topped with a rocket and pine nut salad and drizzled with a beautiful sweet balsamic dressing and a few olives on the side.

Goat Cheese Galette

Each component of the dish made a worthy contribution to the overall flavour – the cheese was the obvious star, creamy and slightly salty, the eggplant was soft and had a melt in your mouth texture, but for me the highlight was the caramelised onions. These were places right at the centre of the galete, so you only reached then once you had eaten through half way, and they almost served as a surprise! The pastry was flaky and delicious, and the dressing brought everything together. All in all a definite winner!

The Milawa Cheese Company is a simple place. Don’t expect 5 star service. The staff are friendly, happy country people, but you are required to place your order at the counter, and grab your own cutlery and water. Infact, if I had to pick a flaw, it would be that you have to drink your water out of plastic cups – not very environmentally friendly... But if you want great food out in the country, the Milawa Cheese Company provides a great option!

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